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Brothers Lyrically Attacking Citizens Knowledge Microphone Assassins Generating Intellectual Chaos

No One Is Zealous Enough

Black Magic Noize formed in 2009 as a hip hop group, quickly growing into an eclectic artist collective by hosting art parties, and organizing shows within the community, including music festivals.


There are three active members: MadShroom handles the Hip Hop/Trap, Araless Brings the soul and R&B, and Illvaughn curates the evening and saltbaes his own music in, exploring the electronic realm. Together, their chemistry creates a spellbinding performance, each executing their craft with alchemic precision.


BMN has played with members of Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship, Slaughterhouse, and Rhymesayers. On top of touring from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico on the west coast, members have also performed in Florida, Idaho, Texas and New York.